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Nov 17, 2015 Anne Sta. Ana-Babiera
Lord, I want to thank You for giving me wonderful blessing,...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jul 10, 2014 Guest
Whoa i like your e4babae4babae9ƒbde6œ‰e7š„e6œbae4bcšefbcŒe6Ÿ90e4ba›e4babae4b8bbe5Ša8e6”bee5bcƒe4ba† | Hello world ,...
Sep 26, 2011 Antonette Villanueva
Just got a copy of Raising Pinoy Boys. Husband wondering...

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Jan 01, 2014

What's your big dream for 2014?


Last week we learned about the Memorable Christmas Gifts of some of the movers of the Finance industry. Today let’s see what their plans are for 2014.


Here are their answers to the question, “What’s that big dream that you plan to accomplish in 2014?”


1. Edward Lee, COL Financial, Inc., Chairman of the Board

“Next year we will conduct more seminars since we will have more time due to the cyclicality of the industry.”


2. Riza Mantaring, Sunlife of Canada (Philippines), Inc., President and CEO


For 2014, I would like to accomplish our two remaining goals in Sun Life for 2015. We were able to do the first two in 2013, two years ahead of schedule. We'd like to do the rest next year!”


3. Noet Ravalo, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Managing Director, Central Supervisory Support Sub-sector

“I hope to finally put in place the office re-alignments that I’ve always planned for. It’s been years in the works and we may be just about to get there. It’s not just a re-org thing but a better way to serve the public.”


4. Hans Sicat, Philippine Stock Exchange, President

“As for 2014 I hope I can be an advocate for less bureaucracy, red tape, regulations, taxation. The country, not just the capital markets, should benefit from improved efficiencies, lower friction costs, hopefully a more competitive Philippines.”


5. Gus Cosio, First Metro Asset Management, Inc., President

“As to my personal wish, it is rather quixotic. I really wish that Filipinos can have a better grasp of economics. I think the reason why our economy always has a hard time taking off is because the greater portion of the population does not understand the basic supply-demand concept. They want the government to regulate everything, not realizing that they eventually end up paying with a poor economy. I wish for this country to prosper, but for that to happen inclusively, people and government must learn to respond rationally to the price mechanism.”


6. Marvin Fausto, BDO, Chief Investment Officer

“Dream for 2014: To contribute in a meaningful way in creating the vehicle to make investing for everyone.”


7. Smith Chua, BPI, VP for Asset Management & Trust Group

“A balanced work & family life.”


8. Ysmael Baysa, Jollibee Foods Corporation, CFO

“I'm sorry that I do not tell my personal dreams to other people. I keep them to myself and I tell them when they are already accomplished. Like the church chandeliers; I had them in my mind for many years but I didn't tell anyone about them. Anyway, if and when these dreams are realized, I would tell you at the right circumstance.”


9. Alvin Lao, D & L Industries, Inc., CFO

“Big dream I plan to accomplish for 2014 would be to roll out our company's stock option plan, to allow our people to be true participative owners of the company and have their compensation tied to the company's performance.”


10. April Tan, COL Financial, Inc. VP Head of Research

“Big dreams – to pay off the mortgage on my dream house which we are currently leasing out so we can move in ourselves; and for COL’s net income to reach Php1 Billion and for the share price to reach Php60!!!”


11. Salve Duplito, ANC On The Money Resident Financial Adviser

“For my one-on-one financial mentoring advocacy to bear fruit. For more mentors to join and take on cases pro bono and for the mentorees to truly take on the challenge and be debt-free and turn into investors.”


12. Edric Mendoza, ANC On The Money Host

“To change the world somehow; possibly through a World Family Congress.”


13. Melissa Gecolea, ANC On The Money Co-host

“For this year it’s pretty simple. I plan on paying off my mortgage (I hate debt) and increasing my income through other sources. I think yearly goals need to be attainable rather than too big that you'll feel bad if you don't manage to attain them.”


14. Efren Cruz, Personal Finance Advisers Philippines Corp, Chairman & President

“For EnRich to be one of the most sought after personal finance training programs in the country.”


15. Tony Herbosa, Corporate Finance & Consulting at Center for Global Best Practices, Managing Director

“I have three clients looking to go public within 12 to 18 months: 1.) a Filipino owned but global cargo & remittance co.; 2) a resort company in the south; and 3) a consumer retail company with strong 'top of mind' branding. It's really all about execution now and I hope they go flawlessly

... in 2014




All our hopes are high at the start of the year. My own wish is to further my advocacy on purposeful parenting and financial literacy. How about you? What are your big dreams for 2014? I hope you don’t get tired setting your goals just because the ones you set last year were not met. Setting goals and partially meeting them is better than not setting any direction at all. We love to set our goals at the start of the year because it’s like turning a new leaf and starting with a clean slate, which gives us renewed energy and drive.


I hope all our good wishes come true. For if they do, the entire country benefits.


Happy New Year and cheers to a more prosperous 2014 for everyone!





(Rose Fres Fausto is the author of the book Raising Pinoy Boys. Click this link to download free book sample To read her other articles go to or Author Archive. Send your questions and comments via email to or text to 0917-5395770.)


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Attribution: Photos of the respondents from their corporate websites and Facebook.


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