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Nov 17, 2015 Anne Sta. Ana-Babiera
Lord, I want to thank You for giving me wonderful blessing,...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jul 10, 2014 Guest
Whoa i like your e4babae4babae9ƒbde6œ‰e7š„e6œbae4bcšefbcŒe6Ÿ90e4ba›e4babae4b8bbe5Ša8e6”bee5bcƒe4ba† | Hello world ,...
Sep 26, 2011 Antonette Villanueva
Just got a copy of Raising Pinoy Boys. Husband wondering...

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Mar 31, 2015

An Invitation and a Side Story


I cordially invite you to come to this very special event that my boys and I are preparing for you – The Family FQ Workshop by the Faustos on May 9, 2015 1-5:30pm at the SMX Convention Center of SM Aura in Taguig City.

But let me start with a background. I’m an advocate of purposeful parenting. I gave up a promising investment banking career to devote my focused and undivided attention to the growing up years of my sons. Then they grew up and I was pleased (well, more than pleased, very proud) of how they turned out to be, and midlife came and I felt the need to share what I knew about parenting; hence, the book Raising Pinoy Boys was born. In showbiz, they say, “Once an actress, always an actress.” Maybe in my case, “Once an investment banker, always an investment banker.” for the common favorite chapter of my first book turned out to be Chapter 6: Money Matters where I introduced the term FQ (Financial Intelligence Quotient). Readers probably found it weird but were amused that little boys had their own Balance Sheets.

And so here I am sharing with you what I know about raising children with high FQ.

I also believe that the proof of the pudding is in the eating so I find it always a delight when my sons come with me to my talks and help me in the Q&A portion. I guess the audience get a lot more insights hearing it straight from my hombres’ mouths.

In 2013 we came up with our first Family FQ Workshop. We had four runs of it – in Seameo Innotech near UP Technohub, in Cebu, in the then newly opened Balesin Island and also a private one for a very well to do family. As we reflect on all those events, we realize that regardless of your family’s financial status, the following hold true:

  1. All parents are concerned if their children would know how to handle their own money well in their adult life, especially when they (the parents) are gone.
  2. All children (and all of us for that matter) develop their relationship with money early in childhood and family is still the greatest influence.
  3. Despite 1 and 2, there is no universally agreed upon age or time when we should start teaching our children about money. Money is still a taboo topic in most households.

Money should not be a taboo topic but should be healthily discussed during family dinners and other occasions of get together. But the truth is, it’s not easy, especially when the members have reached their adulthood and have their own families. If the ones who are more comfortable in life try to teach their challenged relatives, their actions can be misinterpreted as gloating. It’s also not that easy to ask for help because money is such a sensitive issue. People grow old, retire without a clue about investing, thinking that it’s only for the rich.

These are the things that we want to change. We want families to realize that:

  1. Investing is for everyone!
  2. Money should be discussed openly and healthily among family members.
  3. Financial goals should always be set side by side with family values.
  4. Given the right approach, Finance is fun!

Last year, I received emails asking for the next run of the Family FQ Workshop. When your children are all grown up, you’d be surprised that their social calendars are way busier than yours. But during our Yearend Goal Setting in Ginza last December, we decided to set a date for 2015. It was a challenge again – school schedule even after the semester, competitions in dance and CFA IRC, respective summer getaways with their friends, etc. Fortunately, MAY 9 SATURDAY is commonly available!

We hope to see you there. You will hear it from the perspectives of the father (seasoned fund manager Marvin Fausto), mother (that’s me) and children (investors at a very young age, Martin, Enrique and Anton). It will be a bigger and more exciting event. We are blocking off our Holy Week to make sure we deliver this promise. From two sponsors in 2013, we now have a roster of partners who also believe in our advocacy: our platinum sponsors - COL Financial and D&L Industries; our gold sponsors – 8990 Holdings, Inc. and Sun Life Asset Management Corp., Inc.; our silver sponsors – BDO and; event partners – Fund Managers Association of the Philippines and Divina Law Office, McDonald’s Philippines, Kambal Pandesal of the SMC Group, Cebu Pacific; our media partners – ANC,, MommyMundo and BetterMe. Thank you very much.

Again, if you believe that you and your family deserve a richer life (and I mean it not just in the material sense of the word), set aside May 9 for this bonding and learning afternoon with your loved ones. Register now by clicking this link - Family FQ Workshop or go to We look forward to having you there!


Cheers to a High FQ!



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