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Nov 17, 2015 Anne Sta. Ana-Babiera
Lord, I want to thank You for giving me wonderful blessing,...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jan 29, 2015 Nicole Asombrado
The first thing that came to my mind when I...
Jul 10, 2014 Guest
Whoa i like your e4babae4babae9ƒbde6œ‰e7š„e6œbae4bcšefbcŒe6Ÿ90e4ba›e4babae4b8bbe5Ša8e6”bee5bcƒe4ba† | Hello world ,...
Sep 26, 2011 Antonette Villanueva
Just got a copy of Raising Pinoy Boys. Husband wondering...

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Aug 08, 2012


Images of children relating with money (Source: internet)

QUESTION: How important is it to teach my kids about money?


ANSWER: When I wrote the book Raising Pinoy Boys, I didn’t expect the chapter on Money Matters to become the common favorite. In fact, as early as the editing stage, my editor said, “Chapter 6 is my favorite, you should write a separate book about this.”


She found it extraordinary for little boys to have their own Balance Sheets. Yes, weird as it may sound, my three sons Martin, Enrique and Anton, now in their teens, do have their individual Balance Sheets, which they update on a quarterly basis. Even before the book was published they have been featured in magazines and guested on TV shows and financial workshops for the youth to talk about their experience in saving and investing.


When I give talks on parenting, I also receive a lot of interesting questions about raising children to be financially intelligent. As an offshoot of these growing interest, I have conducted talks and workshops on How To Raise Children With High FQ. (FQ is a term I coined in Chapter 6 of the book to stand for Financial Intelligence Quotient.)


Howard Gardner, in his Theory of Multiple Intelligences, came up with eight core categories namely, 1.) Logistic-Mathematical, 2.) Verbal, 3.) Bodily Kinesthetic, 4.) Interpersonal, 5.) Intrapersonal, 6.) Visual-Spatial, 7.) Musical, and 8.) Naturalist. I certainly propose to include a ninth intelligence – FQ!


Today there is a growing awareness to improve our FQ and isn’t it best to start this Financial Literacy while still very young, even before bad financial habits are formed?


In this column I wish to answer your questions on how to raise your children to have high FQ. So the answer to the question “How important is it to teach my kids about money?” the answer is VERY. Whatever path your children will take, they will have to deal with money. No matter how successful they will become in the many aspects of life, if their financial affairs are in a mess, they will lead stressful lives.


We see a lot of celebrities, actors, boxers, and other professions earn enormous amounts of money and end up being broke in no time. Majority of lotto winners end up where they were financially before winning. We need to be prepared when money comes. We need to know the laws of money.


You don’t have to be a Math genius to have a high FQ. In fact, being a Math genius does not guaranty a high FQ. All you need is an average IQ and the right attitude and habits. It is a value system and because of this, FQ is best taught at home by parents. The correct attitude about money and the right habits instilled early in life will allow your kids to enjoy financial happiness.


A few years ago, we saw how the world economy collapsed due to greed and poor fiscal management. Who would ever imagine that the great USA will experience such a financial turmoil and affect the entire world? Up to now the world is yet to recover from this financial debacle that was significantly brought about by the sub-prime lending.


On the local front, we cannot expect to have a prosperous Philippines when majority of our population wallow in poverty.  So it is everyone’s business to have a high FQ. If you, as a parent, are not confident with your own FQ, don’t worry, it only takes 21 days to form new habits. Email me your questions and I will help you by sharing with you what I know.



Wishing you financial happiness,





(Rose Fres Fausto is the author of the book Raising Pinoy Boys. She was an investment banker before she became a full-time mother to Martin, Enrique and Anton. Write your questions to or log on to You may also send text to 0927-5159011.) August 8, 2012


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Thanks for sharing. Always good to find a real erpxet.

Sep 28, 2012 / 06:25 pm
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